Product Description

WPC flooring is a waterproof flooring, WPC substrate is a special waterproof substrate can be applied to family homes, while the world today used in commercial space and office space is very popular a floor. wpc flooring main performance: light body substrate (using natural marble and polymer nano substrate evenly mixed with hot pressing), seamless splicing (lock tightly connected, beautiful no gaps), wear-resistant and durable, waterproof Anti-slip.

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Structure of WPC Click Flooring


Performance of WPC Flooring


The surface is specially treated to have good anti-slip properties.


Fire protection B1 level to meet high fire protection requirement.

Water Proof

Waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-bacteria.


High environmental friendliness, 0 formaldehyde, food grade.


It has high strength and wear resistance characteristics.


Better touch and sound absorption based thickness.

WPC Flooring Size

The following shows Bergano’s regular product sizes, which are also popular in the market, if you need to customize other sizes you can contact us for discussion.

bergano flooring regular size

WPC Flooring for Living Room

3d Rendering Luxury And Modern Living Room With Good Design Leather Sofa.jpg
3d rendering luxury and modern living room with good design leather sofa 1.jpg
3d rendering luxury and modern living room with good design leather sofa 2.jpg

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