FVT Flooring

Product Description

FVT flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly flooring product independently developed by Bergano in 2019, and its main raw materials are PVC wear-resistant layer and high-density foam.

Among them, the thickness of wear-resistant layer is more than 30 silk, which is fully in line with international commercial standards, and the high-density foam with light buffer and sound insulation effect is perfectly combined, which solves the problems of excessive weight of traditional flooring, slow delivery and difficult construction, and achieves the effect of environmental protection, lightness, quick installation and wear resistance.

At the same time, it greatly reduces the cost, and is of great concern to consumers.

bergano flooring 3d foam wallpaper top picture

Performance of FVT Flooring

Bergano’s foam wallpaper range is created based on a relentless effort to be sensitive to the market and safe for our customers. The foam wallpaper may be a high quality product that has passed the standard review of the national authority to meet the national environmental requirements, safe and reliable quality. If you want to supply online wholesale foam wallpaper (such as cinderblock wallpaper) effectively, then there is no doubt that we are the right place for reliable and low-cost foam wallpaper. We are inclined that you will accept this product because we offer you the most competitive foam wallpaper of the highest quality and satisfaction in the world.


The unique material formulation makes this product very light.

Easy installation

The self-adhesive design allows you to complete the installation with ease.


Compared to lvt, spc and wpc, this product is the cheapest.


High environmental friendliness, 0 formaldehyde, food grade.

Anti-impact effect

Soft walls that provide better protection for children and the elderly.


Better touch and sound absorption based thickness and material.

FVT Flooring Size

Bergano’s FVT flooring is available in a variety of styles and colors. There are many different types of stone pattern depending on the needs of our customers. We have FVT Flooring with size of 457mm*457mm, 300mm*600mm and 300mm*300mm. Depending on the pattern, we have brick / wood / stone grain series.

bergano flooring fvt flooring structure picture

FVT Flooring Thickness

bergano flooring fvt flooring thickness

FVT Flooring for Home Design

bergano flooring foam backed vinyl flooring for home design 1
bergano flooring foam backed vinyl flooring for home design 2
bergano flooring foam backed vinyl flooring for home design 3

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